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2024-04-10 Adding thumbnails to local kindle file from standard ebooks

2024-04-08 Whats the deal with these em and en dashes anyway

2024-04-04 Max number of multiplexed elements depends indirectly on channel output capacity and speed of PWM clock

2024-04-02 Fixing pdf syntax errors when printing a pdf as a book on lulu

2024-03-15 Gamma Correction corrects for the human eye’s non linear response to brightness levels

2024-02-28 Thermal Design Flaw Causes the Rigol DP832 Power Supply to Reset

2024-02-27 Always Question Your Assumptions Part 2

2024-02-26 Max7219 vs TM1637 Seven Segment Drivers

2024-02-22 A biquinary counter is a mod-5 counter with a toggling top-bit every 5th count

2024-02-20 An intuitive view of the series capacitor

2024-02-15 A better shebang

2024-02-14 Git submodule tricks

2024-02-09 STM32CubeIDE - live expression viewer doesn’t work for variables stored on the stack

2024-02-06 Know your buffers

2024-01-12 Vim - delete all lines not containing a keyword

2024-01-12 Creating Citekey Title in Readwise to mimic Zotero

2023-11-06 Histograms for Discrete Variables in Numpy

2023-10-30 Keeping Serial Device Connection Open in Python

2023-10-26 Active Antennas and Low Noise Amplifiers

2023-10-09 Unblocking Matplotlib AnimateFunc

2023-10-08 Linear Regulators Are (not) That Hot

2023-09-17 Hide Goodreads Added-to-Shelf Newsfeed Updates

2023-08-27 Write does not write to disk but to a buffer

2023-08-26 Recursive Functions are Bad for Embedded Systems

2023-08-26 Custom Callouts in Obsidian

2023-08-20 Always Question Your Assumptions

2023-06-26 Fixing a setup issue with Github Pages and Cloudflare

2023-06-23 Add vim-surround like shortcuts to Obsidian

2023-06-20 Joule Thief 1