Since Readwise uses jinja2 templating language, we can use the jinja filters to create a custom title given the metadata of a book or article.


  • Readwise
  • Obsidian
  • Readwise plugin in Obsidian

In Zotero, citekeys are an informal citation key used as a title or citation upon export that is created from the metadata of a book or article.

I typically use something like <authorLastName><Title><Year>

For example: nietzscheBirthofTragedy1884

In Zotero’s Better BibTex plugin we can defined this using:

auth.lower + shorttitle(3,3) + year

To mimic this in Readwise we have to do some work to create our own title by stripping punctuation and whitespace.

In the “File name” section, use a custom filename with the following filters:

{{ author.split(' ') | last | lower if author|wordcount >=2 else author|lower}}{{ title|replace(' ', '')|replace('#','_')|replace('.','_')|replace('"', '')|replace("'", "")|replace(":", "-") }}{{ published_date|date('Y') }}

The result should come into Readwise as follows (note I emailed readwise support about having issues with the published_date coming in)