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Today I Learned / TIL / Breadcrumbs

  • The TIL website is inspired by others such as Simon Willison and hackaday’s concept of leaving Breadcrumbs for projects.
  • With great thanks to Jacky Zhao’s amazing Quartz project, it makes publishing from Obsidian to a hosted static site easy.

Quartz Setups

  • See the forked repo, as there are some custom build steps locally or in github actions added to keep this repo (markdown source notes) separate from the quartz repo.

Obsidian Setups

  • set default attachment location
  • set default links to markdown
  • plugins:
    • Templater
    • Obsidian Git


The template isn’t included in the remote so it doesn’t copy over to the Hugo site. I place this file in the Templates folder (e.g. Templates/ This uses the Templater plugin to create a new post with the correct frontmatter used by hugo.

title: <% tp.file.title %>
date: <% tp.file.creation_date("YYYY-MM-DD") %>
math: false