It’s pretty crazy that a 5V linear regulator, powering the display circuitry, being improperly heat-sinked causes the whole $450 precision power supply to reset. Well I guess it’s not so surprising since it is the only regulator powering the digital display, but what’s more surprising is that it looks like just a pretty measly black anodized heatsink was grabbed out of the parts bin, “this should work right? I found it over there in my scrap pile”. Not that I would do a better job of designing a power supply but even I wrote about this in one of my first TIL posts (see Linear Regulators Are (not) That Hot)

From “EEVblog #512 - Rigol DP832 Bad Design Investigation” →

Apparently this is for pre-2013 Rigol DP832s/DP832As and Rigol later upgraded the board with a larger, silver heatsink and firmware which you can see here in the second screencapture below.

Original heatsink that caused issues when the linear regulator went into thermal shutdown and blanked the display causing a full reset:

“Five watts?!?, it’s bloody ridiculous, did no one even stick their finger on this or think about it?”

Upgraded heatsink hungry for more WATTS